Until the next International Self-Care Day

An annual opportunity to put a spotlight on the benefits of self-care.

The Role of Supportive Self-Care Environments in Advancing Menstrual Equity

Organizers: Global Menstrual Collective, Days for Girls International, WASH United, MIET Africa

Speakers: Ina Jurga (WASH United), Laura Amaya (Dalberg), Dr. Renjini Devaki, (MIET Africa), Barghavi Govindarajan (HeyPeriod.com), Muriel Mafico (UNICEF South Africa), Naana Abena Afadi (Days for Girls Ghana)

This interactive session will explore how supportive self-care environments can help advance menstrual equity, across the full course of the menstrual cycle and the reproductive life span. Menstrual health innovators and session participants will collaborate to identify and build bridges with regards to mental wellbeing, physical wellbeing, menstrual materials, and menstrual health education.