Until the next International Self-Care Day

An annual opportunity to put a spotlight on the benefits of self-care.

Self-Care Products from Innovation to Implementation: Lessons from HIV and Family Planning

Organizers: John Snow, Inc./DMPA-SC Access Collaborative, Pathfinder International, Population Services Kenya, Population Council, Bella Foundation for Child and Maternal Care

Speakers: Jérémie Zoungrana (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Saumya Ramarao (Population Council), Lester Chinery (Concept Foundation), Olarewanju Ramon Babamole (National Youth Network on HIV/AIDS in Nigeria), Dr. Margaret Njenga (Population Services Kenya), Zachariah Khawai (The Link Empowerment Initiative), Bibiche Izale Kwanzimi (Pathfinder Democratic Republic of Congo), Laminou Mamane Aichatou (Pathfinder Niger)

Although self-care for sexual and reproductive (SRH) health has been practiced for millennia, new and emerging products are putting self-care within reach like never before. This dynamic session will explore the landscape of SRH self-use products—from what’s in the development pipeline, to regulatory and policy barriers and enablers, to lessons learned from introduction and scale up of products in low- and middle-income countries. Case examples from HIV and family planning will be highlighted, specifically HIV self-testing and self-injection of subcutaneous DMPA—two areas where evidence, implementation, and advocacy to strengthen the enabling environment have been growing significantly in recent years. Bring your experiences, ideas, and questions for how we can best design and deliver SRH self-care products that meet users’ needs and are accessible in a variety of contexts and channels.