Until the next International Self-Care Day

An annual opportunity to put a spotlight on the benefits of self-care.

Making Self-Care Count by Measuring What Counts

Organizers: FHI360, Population Services International

Monitoring and Evaluating Self-Care Initiatives: This session aims to illustrate the need for more coordinated learning and metrics for self-care, and to share practical experiences on how to do so at the global and country levels. The presenters will use interactive approaches, including polls, Q&A, and talk-show and game-show approaches to engage participants and solicit feedback on specific questions. The session ends with a Call to Action to coordinate and align around measurement of self-care. At the end of the session, participants will leave with ideas on how to identify research and learning questions and how to measure self-care. This session aims to answer the question: What are experiences and lessons learned from developing self-care research and learning agendas, metrics, and MEL plans, and how can participants apply these lessons to undertake similar efforts in their countries?