Until the next International Self-Care Day

An annual opportunity to put a spotlight on the benefits of self-care.

About the initiative

For the third year running, the Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF) is using the occasion of WHO’s Self-Care Month (June 24th – July 24th) and International Self-Care Day (July 24th) to highlight the benefits self-care brings to individuals and communities worldwide.

GSCF’s 2023 International Self-Care Day campaign builds on the #SelfCarePromise theme, encouraging everyone to share what personal commitment they’ve made to embrace a specific self-care action. This year, we are focusing on the theme that health is a universal right for all people.

Self-care is any action that an individual takes to look after their own health, based on the information available to them. This practice can also occur in collaboration with healthcare professionals when needed. It is increasingly clear that the world desperately needs resilient health systems, and the evidence continues to show how self-care practices can improve efficiency, lower costs and spread the reach of healthcare globally.

The WHO has set a target of achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030 and in recognition of the contributions self-care can make towards this goal we’re adding an extra element to our 2023 campaign. In addition to sharing what actions you’ll be taking to improve your lifestyle we are also asking you to use one of our three “Health for All” cards to raise awareness that regardless of health status, age, gender or ethnicity, we all deserve to feel in control of our own health. Together we can amplify our voice as we stand behind affordable and accessible healthcare. So far, we’ve read through thousands of promises from people stepping up and taking better care of themselves, their communities, and their health systems. Let’s keep growing our global community so that through our actions we mobilize decision-makers to follow suit and strengthen policy frameworks to fully support self-care.

A sustainable future for healthcare starts with self-care, join us on this journey and make your promise now!